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Savings. Investment. Wealth.

It’s not your income that builds wealth; it’s your savings habit. Wealth doesn’t happen by chance. It represents years of disciplined efforts in channelizing your savings into appropriate investment opportunities that create maximum value for the money invested.

About Company

Akhil Surya Financial Services is a wealth management firm that involves in advisory and distribution of financial products like direct equity investing, mutual funds, Alternative Investment Funds, Portfolio Management Services, Private Equity and other such sophisticated financial products. Wealth building is for anyone and everyone. There are good wealth creation sources available for everyone but often ignored. There’re array of financial products available for various investment sizes, risk tolerance and time duration. We manage your investments and make every effort to achieve superior returns with our well-tailored investment approach.

Money Never Sleeps Here!! Consider us as your wealth ladder!!

Our Five Main Goals:

  • Understand and clearly define Clients’ Investment Objective.
  • Suggest Appropriate Investments to achieve Clients’ Investment goals.
  • Strive to achieve clients’ investment objective through periodic monitoring and reallocation.
  • Creating wealth in the long term by managing Investment risks efficiently.
  • Ethical policies and transparency in business operations.

These goals seem simple right? But they are not easy to achieve. It needs well structured long term strategy and analysis of market conditions continuously to align investments accordingly.

Our Services:

Advisory Services:

  • In-House Structured Products
  • Goal Based Financial Planning
  • Direct Equity Investment

Distribution Services:

  • Mutual Fund
  • Portfolio Management Service
  • Alternative Investment Fund

The ASFS Way:

At ASFS we are always challenging the frontiers of Financial Markets by constantly looking for new opportunities. Our investment approach is designed to generate superior risk adjusted returns for a portfolio than the comparable benchmark over long period of time. It is more than just return that drives ASFS while suggesting investments; we equally weigh suitability to our customer by considering factors such as their liquidity requirements, risk tolerance, risk appetite, Investment Horizon.

In addition we will also consider how any new investment will complement their existing investments, business, job profile.

What to Expect:

If you’ve been expecting more,
we’ve been expecting you.
Before we take on any new client, we will spend time up front to ensure the fit is right so that we may enjoy a lasting and successful partnership.

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