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As mandated by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), ASFS has categorized its business into 2 verticals viz., Investment Advisory Services and Distribution Services.

Advisory Services

With the Indian economy evolving constantly and rapidly changing the future offers plethora of investment opportunities. At ASFS we are always challenging the frontiers of Financial Markets by constantly looking for new opportunities. Our investment approach is designed to generate superior risk adjusted returns for a portfolio than the comparable benchmark over long period of time. Partnering with our clients we develop tailored and comprehensive recommendation in collaboration with sector experts to bring among the best minds from across our professional network.

By working in multi-disciplinary teams we deliver holistic thinking and insights helping clients in transforming their investments, no matter what their challenges are – from improving performance, to optimising risk, to rebalancing their portfolios or investing in new upcoming opportunities.

Advisory Services offered,

  • In-House Structured Products
  • Goal Based Financial Planning
  • Direct Equity Investment

Distribution Services

Increase in financial literacy has led to growing demand for financial assets. Hence we facilitate transaction based services where customer invest in financial products offered by major Asset Management Companies.

Distributor Services offered,

  • Mutual Fund
  • Portfolio Management Service
  • Alternative Investment Fund